Friday, December 13, 2013

Embroidered Mason Jar Lid Ornament

Today's ornament is an embroidery of the Baby Jesus. I originally made some of these with regular embroidery hoops. But then I saw a great idea and just had to use it. A wide-mouth canning ring used as a frame.

Canning Ring Framed Embroidered Ornament

Embroidered Mason Jar Lid Ornament

 "Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men." Luke 2:14

First, let me tell you my little secret of finding these cute little embroideries patterns for free. Coloring pages. Yep, I searched the net for nativity themed coloring pages, printed them out to the size I wanted and traced them onto the fabric. Then it was just a matter of stitching them.
Here are the links to the pages I used:
Holy Family 
Baby Jesus
Baby Jesus with Sheep

Here's a step by step of how I framed them with a canning ring:

how to frame an embroidery with a canning ring
Step 1 - Gather your supplies: You will need your embroidery, a piece of batting, a wide mouth canning ring, twine, hot glue and two pieces of cardboard. {I used the top of the canning ring to trace onto the cardboard and then cut them out.}

Step 2 - Place your embroidery face down, place the batting on top and then the cardboard circle. Make sure it's centered on your embroidery

Step 3 - Place all three pieces from step 2 into your canning ring.

Step 4 - Hot glue the fabric down.

Step 5 - Hot glue around your second piece of cardboard and place it in the ring.

Step 6 - Now I needed to figure out how to hang it. I pushed out the embroidery and then hot glued a piece of twine inside the canning ring. Then pushed the embroidery back in place.

embroidered nativity scene
 I love this sweet little scene.

And another that I did using a regular embroidery hoop.

Embroidered Baby Jesus
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  1. Turns out I must have a thing for little nativity scenes, I was drawn to your felt ornament when i saw it at a link party and now I click on this and find it's you again! You have made such a lovely collection here, very inspirational.

  2. Found you via take a look tuesday. I love this. The idea, the small size, using a canning ring. It just ticks all the boxes with me. Love love it.

  3. how super cute love them
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  4. This is beautiful! And there are so many possibilities. I never thought of doing that with a canning lid. Thanks for sharing, and just stopping by to let you know I will be featuring this later tonight on What'd You Do This Weekend. Have a great night!

    --Ashley @