Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Easy Pillow Covers - Using Cloth Napkins

Lately I'm obsessed with creating new throw pillow covers. With Valentine's day approaching, I decided to make some Valentine's pillows using another new (for me) style. Enter cloth napkins.

These pillow covers are each made with two napkins. You guys! These are so easy!

With just a few supplies and a small amount of time, you will be looking at a new set of pillow covers. This DIY is perfect for beginner sewers and crafters, or for anyone who wants to make a quick project.

Easy Pillow Covers

I'm loving the fact that these pillow covers can be embellished for any holiday or season. I'm seeing some St. Patrick's Day pillow covers in the near future.

Try making this easy Valentine's banner, for more handmade Valentine's decor.

Easy Pillow Covers - Using Cloth Napkins

Learn to Make Decorative Pillows the Easy Way!

Are you ready? Let's get started!
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Supplies Needed for an Easy Throw Pillow Cover

pillow inserts (16" X 16")
napkins (18" X 18")
embroidery thread
sewing machine
sew in hook and loop fastener

napkins for pillow covers

How to Make an Easy Pillow Cover

sewing together napkin to create pillow cover

Place two napkins on top of each other, with the wrong sides together. Sew along three of the edges. I used the decorative holes as a guide, which created a border for the pillow.

sew velcro to pillow cover
Cut strips of hook and loop fastener. Sew onto the inside of the open edge of the pillow. 

I opted not to embellish my red pillow. But I did add cute little hearts to the white pillow. Here's what I did:

felt hearts for pillow cover

Begin by cutting out various sizes of hearts. I cut out 4 hearts of three different sizes, and then one larger heart for the middle.

pin hearts to pillow

Next pin the hearts to the pillow in the desired pattern.

sew felt hearts to pillow with running stitch

With a running stitch, sew hearts to pillow. I used white embroidery thread.

Insert pillow and you're done!

I hope this got you excited to make your own pillow covers. I'd love to see what you make! Share your pillows on Instagram and tag me! ( @adventuresofadiymom  ) or send me an email: contactdiymom@gmail.com

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Easy to Make Valentine's Day Throw Pillow CoversEasy Valentine's Throw Pillow Covers


  1. These are beautiful! They are a perfect way to brighten any room!

  2. So adorable! And the napkin idea is brilliant! I think I have some antique napkins this would be a great idea for, too.

    1. Oooh, I love the idea of using antique napkins!