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How to Make a Blanket {30 easy DIY blankets}

Over the years, I've made quite a few blankets, but I'm always looking for new ways to make them. So I decided to put together a list of homemade blankets.

In this list you'll find baby blanket ideas, fleece and minky blanket tutorials and crocheted blankets. I also gathered several patchwork blanket ideas as well as a few quilted ones. 

Some of these are my own blankets, but many of them were made by fellow bloggers. Take a peek, you're sure to find several blankets you just have to make.


The majority of these blankets are quick and easy to make. I threw in a few complex or time consuming blankets just because I loved them.  Let's get to the list!
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collage of different types of homemade blankets.
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There are so many different types of baby blankets. They make a great project for beginning sewers they're small and quick to finish.

Super Easy Baby Receiving Blanket

These receiving blankets are probably the fastest blanket you'll ever make. If you have a surger, then you'll definitely want to make a bunch.

three baby receiving blankets.

No surger, no worries! The rest of the blankets are made with a regular sewing machine.

DIY Receiving Blanket

This blanket is a single layer of fabric with a rolled edge. It's quick to whip up and great for beginners.
folded baby receiving blanket.

Flannel Baby Blankets

Flannel is the perfect fabric to make a baby blanket. This blanket has two layers of flannel and is easy to make.
two folded baby blankets.

DIY Swaddle Blanket

Swaddle blankets are perfect to keep babies snug and cozy. Try making your own with this easy tutorial.
green swaddle blanket with pink trim

Homemade Baby Blanket

I recently learned how to make this blanket with a built-in border. Beginning with two pieces of fabric, the back fabric wraps towards the front creating a binding. It looks fancy, but it's all in the way you sew it. It's actually really easy!
baby blanket with pink border.

Triangle Baby Quilt

One of the best parts of making a baby quilt is picking out the fabric. There are always so many cute options. Use three or four of your favorites to make this darling triangle quilt.
pink baby quilt hung over a railing

Striped Rag Blanket

I've always liked rag quilts, but they can be a little time consuming to make. Enter the striped rag quilt. This is so quick and easy to make.
blue and white striped blanket

Faux Chenille Blanket

This is one of my favorite blankets that I found as I was creating this article. Beginning with 5 layers of flannel, she sewed lines diagonally and then trimmed some of the layers between the seams to create a faux chenille look. It's definitely on my list to try.
blue homemade blanket


Fleece blankets are one of the most common homemade blankets. They're easy to make and many of them require no sewing.  There are several ways to make them. 

No-Sew Fleece Blanket without knots

This is my favorite way to make fleece blankets. There's fringe around the edges, but it's not tied in the usual way. Go see how to create this look.
green and pink fleece blanket with fringe.

Tied Fleece Blanket

This fleece blanket uses the tied method. It's a simple method even young kids can help make.
blue and white fleece blanket.

Fleece Tie Blanket

Here's another variation of the tied blanket. On this one, the ties resemble little tassels. For a neat and tidy look try this version. 
shades of blue fleece blanket with fringe.

Braided Edge Fleece Blanket

If you want to get even fancier, try this braided edge method. It also requires no sewing!

fleece blankets with braided edges.

Fleece Blanket with Tassels

This fleece blanket is embellished with a darling tassel trim. It's an easy beginners sewing project.

green plaid fleece blanket with tassels.

No-Sew Mermaid Tail Blanket

If you want to get really creative, try this no-sew mermaid tail blanket. So cute!!

purple mermaid tail blanket.


One of the softest fabrics is Minky. It's similar to fleece, but a little bit more flexible and a LOT softer. It's definitely a fabric of choice for a cuddly and cozy blanket.

Easy DIY Minky Blanket

This version of the minky blanket is probably the easiest I've seen. It's very simple to make and great for beginners.
blue and white minky blanket.

Minky Blanket with Border

This blanket is similar to the baby blankets above with a bordered edge. The border creates such a finished look.
black and white minky blanket with a border.

Minky Rag Blanket

How fun is this rag quilt? A lot of bold colors and you know it's oh-so-soft.
homemade minky rag quilt


There's something about a crochet or knitted blanket that brings warmth and comfort to our souls. Maybe it's because our Grandma's made them. Or because of all the hours of love spent making them. 

In today's world, we've found a lot of time-savers, like using chunky yarn or loop yarn. But that doesn't mean they're made with any less love.

Easy Crochet Blanket

If you're new to crochet, then this is the perfect blanket to get started with. Because it uses blanket yarn, it works up very quickly. 
striped crochet blanket on a couch.

Crochet Square Blanket

This crochet blanket is made from working up smaller squares and then combining them all to create a larger blanket. It has a wonderful texture and would look great in any solid color.

collage of two images, top image small crocheted square, bottom image, many crocheted squares combined into a blanket.

Easy Crochet Baby Blanket

Another easy crochet blanket, this time sized for babies. This will whip up in no time using just one stitch.
crochet baby blanket made from yarn.

Chunky Knit Blanket

This chunky blanket uses the arm knitting technique. Find out how to make your own.

purple knit blanket on a bed.

Finger Knit Throw Blanket

Have you tried loop yarn yet? If not, this is the perfect project to try. 

knit throw blanket on a bed.

Loop Yarn Blanket

Here's another variation of a loop yarn blanket. It looks so warm and inviting.

blanket made from loop yarn.


Patchwork blankets are a time-honored tradition. The typical patchwork quilt is usually made up of squares of fabric, but other shapes can be used as well. Traditionally, scraps of fabric would be saved to make up the quilt. 

Jean Patchwork Blanket

Save those old jeans to make a fun patchwork blanket. It's perfect for a picnic at the park.
jean patchwork quilt on the grass.

Rag Quilt

Rag quilts are a classic twist on a patchwork quilt. This particular pattern uses 10 inch squares and a Cricut to cut them down to the exact size. (If you don't have a cutting machine, you definitely still make it, just cut them out by hand.)

patchwork rag quilt.

Buffalo Check Rag Quilt

Buffalo check is all the rage the last few years and it's easy to make your own patchwork blanket version. (Honestly, how have I not thought of this!)

plaid rag quilt on a clothesline


Rainbow Baby Quilt

This darling quilt is simple to make with strips of fabric. A great project for beginning quilters.

striped rainbow baby quilt.

Half Hexi Quilt

I'm loving the simple design of this half hexi quilt. The pieces can be cut out with a Cricut. (Or by hand if needed.) 

multi colored half hexi quilt.

Puff Quilt

Use charm packs to make this puff quilt. It would be a good weekend project.

blue and white puff quilt draped on a chair

Rainbow Square Quilt

I'm loving this fun rainbow quilt with the swirly quilted designs. It's made from cuddle fabric making it so soft and cozy too.

Easy Striped Quilt

A fun twin-sized bed quilt. It's a random pattern of thin and thick stripes. It's pretty easy and great for beginners.
pink, white and black striped quilt.


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collage of different types of homemade blankets.
collage of homemade blankets.

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