Monday, July 3, 2023

25+ Southwest Quilt Patterns

Let's go enjoy the style and feel of the southwest with these southwest inspired quilting patterns. The geometric design and style of these quilts make for a showstopper sewing project.


The style of the great southwest is a timeless design that can be recreated in a variety of color schemes and patterns to create your next quilting project.

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collage of southwest style quilts

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Let's start with some free patterns. These tutorials and patterns are offered for free by many talented quilters. 

four corners strip quilt
Four Corners Strip Quilt by Diary of a Quilter

For an easy modern quilt top this strip quilt utilizes southwest fabric patterns to give the southwest vibe in a very simple and easy to make quilt pattern.

The colors also help lend to that vibe as well, so be mindful in picking your patterns and colors.

aztec block
Aztec Quilt Block by AGF Blog

Take a traditional quilt block and give it an Aztec design, again be mindful of fabric choices. Then pair multiple blocks together to build a quilt top, pillow, table runner, or other quilting projects.

sundance quilt pattern
Sundance Quilt Pattern by Polka Dot Chair

This southwestern quilt pattern takes large triangles to make a southwest style motif. We love the simplicity of the color scheme that allows the design to really stand out. 


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There are a variety of awesome southwestern quilts you can make with these patterns to purchase. Quilt designers spend a lot of time and put in hard work to create these quilting patterns. So let's support those talented small business owners! 

southwest modern quilt pattern
Southwest Modern Quilt Pattern by Rising Star Quilt Co.

Many times when quilting we take triangles and make diamond shapes, instead meet the triangles at the small points and at the large points for this triangle and diamond quilt top.

aztec quilt pattern
Aztec Quilt Pattern Pack by Broken Arrow Crafts

This pattern actually is a pack of three original designs that we love. It includes a baby quilt, twin quilt and a large throw!

sunset aztec quilt
Sunset Aztec Quilt by Broken Arrow Crafts

This pattern creates a large aztec motif and the colors in the example are beautiful, but imagine a white background. That would also be stunning!

tribal musings quilt
Tribal Musings by Apple Cinnamon Shop

Triangles and crosses shine in this pattern. Plus, the strips at the top and the bottom really give this quilt pattern a unique style.

aztec queen quilt
Aztec Queen by Broken Arrow Crafts

Another amazing Aztec design. The colors look lovely, but could easily be changed to a turquoise instead of the pink and coral.

harvest blossom quilt
Harvest Blossom by AZCO Quilting

Solid colors work so great with this pattern style. Slightly muted colors add to the overall feel of southwest quilts. 

desert hills quilt
Desert Hills by Hannah Quilts

These colors are perfect for a beautiful southwest quilt. The white really helps the maroon and orange colors pop against the background.

artesia quilt
Artesia by Alabaster Box Patterns

Tone down southwest style by adding in floral fabric scraps to a piece together a quilt top. The different fabric patterns can really work into this pattern design.

homecoming quilt
Homecoming by Lo and Behold Stitchery

And I just can't get enough of southwest patterns like this one! The arrows, and the colors have me swooning. 

mountain horizon quilt
Mountain Horizon by Lo and Behold Stitchery

Whip up this quilt for a southwest feel. Another simple block design that features mountains with the sun rising above them. 

andes ode quilt pattern
Andes Ode Quilt Pattern by Cotton and Joy Quilts

Cotton and Joy created this large scale quilt with native American motifs. The blocked and cross design looks fabulous!



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collage of southwest quiltscollage of southwest quilts

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