Monday, September 21, 2015

Lunch Box Organization

Lunch Box Organization

Now that school's been in for over a month, I was starting to get annoyed by the lunchboxes. They were always cluttering up my pantry space. They just take up so much room!  My pantry isn't always the super neat and tidy, but I do try to keep it somewhat organized. {See 3 Steps to an Organized Pantry} I've been trying to find a solution for a while and I finally figured it out.

Lunch Box Organization
It turned out to be a very simple and fairly inexpensive idea. I simply added Command hooks to the inside of the pantry door. Now each lunch box has a spot, plus I can now hang my aprons instead of wadding them up and shoving them in a corner somewhere. I even have an extra hook for something I may need to hang in the future.

Lunch Box Organization
I was a bit worried about the lunch boxes falling off as I swung the door open, but I've had these up for a couple weeks and not once has one fallen off. I got the larger hooks that hold up to 3 pounds. They're very secure and work perfectly with this application.

Lunch Box Organization

I love that the hooks are removable and won't ruin my door. I love that I can now grab whatever I want in the pantry without having to reach over or move lunchboxes.

How do you store your kids lunchboxes?

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