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Whipped Running Stitch (Hand Embroidery)

The whipped running stitch is an great way to dress up a simple embroidery stitch. 

The whipped running stitch is a quick stitch that builds upon regular running stitches.

Another name for the whipped running stitch is the cordonnet stitch.

whipped running stitch

This tutorial is part of the heart sampler stitch along. The stitch along is a great opportunity to learn new stitches, specifically line stitches that are great for outlining. 

So far we have learned how to transfer embroidery patterns, the running stitch and the double running stitch.

Come back tomorrow to learn the double whipped running stitch.


This hand embroidery stitch is ideal for creating straight or curved outlines. 

The stitch can be created using all the same color of thread. You can also use two contrasting colors of thread for a distinctive look.  

You can also adjust the final outcome by changing the number of threads used in either the running stitch or the whipped portion of the stitch. 

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 collage of the whipped running stitch
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This is a simple stitch that's easy to do. 

Check out the whipped running stitch video tutorial here.  (I apologize that the focus on this video is not super clear. But you should still be able to understand how to do it.)

Begin by sewing a running stitch. Visit this post for a review of the running stitch.

collage of whipped running stitch
Next, let's create that twisted effect with the whipped stitch.  Grab a different color thread and bring the thread up just under the middle of the first stitch. 

Next weave the thread through the stitches. The weaving is worked on the top of the fabric, always moving downward through each existing stitch. 

When you get to the last running stitch, insert your needle on the upper side of the thread in the center of the stitch. 

 Want to watch the video?  ↓↓Click the link ↓↓


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collage of whipped running stitch

collage images depicting images of the whipped running stitch

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