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20+ Rail Fence Quilt Patterns

Looking for a different, but easy quilt style to try next? Rail fence quilt designs can be made uniquely different in so many ways. Today I'm sharing a variety of quilts utilizing basic quilting skills and this simple block style.


A classic rail fence pattern is made up of a quilt block with three, four, or five strips of fabric sewn together to make a square.

By changing up colors and direction of the squares you can make so many different quilting options.

Rail fence quilt pattern designs are an excellent choice for the beginner quilter because they are simple to make.

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collage of rail fence quilts
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I love free quilt patterns. There are so many bloggers who take the time to help explain how to quilt this lovely quilt block pattern.

three by three rail fence quilt block
Three by Three Block by Connie Kresin

Here is a simple way to make the classic rail fence quilt block using fabric strips and alternating the direction of the rails. This example also gives a cool way to use colors to also make a zig zag.

stardust rail fence quilt block
Stardust Rail Fence Quilt Blocks by Flamingo Toes

Jelly rolls are great for making rail fence blocks. Here is another way to set up rails with four strips of fabric and how to make the illusion of a pinwheel in the center.

off the rails quilt pattern
Off the Rails by Bonjour Quilts

Go off the rails with this rail fence quilt pattern. There is such a unique design to this pattern, and using neutral colors and one bright color really makes the yellow pop on this quilt top.

rail fence baby quilt
Rail Fence Baby Quilt by Diary of a Quilter

This free rail fence quilt pattern is perfect for a smaller quilt for baby. And don't be afraid to use pretty patterned fabrics with this pattern.


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In this section I am featuring rail fence quilt patterns that you can purchase. A lot of work goes into creating quilting patterns.

So let's support those talented small business owners! These patterns to purchase are great for beginning quilters as well as experienced quilters.

zig zags rail fence quilt
Zig Zags by Red Pepper Quilts

Make a bunch of colorful strips and then line them into rainbow zig zags. This one would be great even in black and white, or only two colors.

not your mother's rail fence quilt pattern
Not Your Mother's Rail Fence Quilt Pattern by Highway 10 Designs

Another one of these awesome unique patterns that plays with colors. Go bigger with this rail fence design. This color pattern also is a unique way to make a quilt.

easy rail fence quilt pattern
Easy Rail Fence Quilt Pattern by Simpson Design Studio

It is amazing how special straight lines can look. Frame in a variety of alternating rail fence blocks for a special quilt top. 

rail fence 3 yard quilt
Rail Fence 3 Yard Quilt by Busy B's Quilting

Pick up some fat quarters and make this lovely rail fence design. This one is a great option for beginners.

rainbow split rail quilt
Rainbow Split Rail Quilt by Freemotion by the river

Utilize color values and make this rainbow split rail. If you love a rainbow, this is the best rail fence design to try out.

split rail lap quilt
Split Rail Lap Quilt by Becky's Quilt Designs

Another classic, but easy quilt pattern that splits the rails. This project is smaller and goes quickly. Perfect for having near a couch to keep you warm. 

busted fence quilt
Busted Fence Quilt by Kohatu Patterns

Use three colors to make this idea for quick quilts. Be sure to add a fun printed fabric choice on the back.

zig zag rails quilt
Zig Zag Rails by Alycia Quilty Girl

A different type of rail fence pattern design with this horizontal zig zag. I like that this one almost looks like books on a shelf.

rail fence jelly roll rag quilt
Rail Fence Jelly Roll Rag Quilt by Rag Quilt Patterns

This is super simple and a great idea for a beginner quilt. A three-rail block looks beautiful with the rag quilt design.

pickup sticks jelly roll rail quilt
Pickup Sticks by Little Louise Quilts

This quilt is great for just about any skill level. It makes a beautiful quilt top design that utilizes rail fence blocks in the middle and around the edge. Use fabric scraps to give it a scrap quilt feel. 

strip easy rail fence quilt
Strip Easy Rail Fence by Something to Sew Fabric

Cut out long strips of neutral fabrics to make this easy yet gorgeous quilt. Simple piece these easy blocks with four strips and follow the layout of this pattern.

bread and butter rail fence quilt
Bread and Butter by Come What May Creations

Ready for one last traditional rail fence quilt? This one is super simple and alternates a block of fabric with a four strip rail fence block.


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collage of rail fence quilt designscollage of rail fence quilt patterns

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