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40+ Half Square Triangle Quilt Patterns

Did you know there are so many quilts you can create using half square triangles? This simple quilt block style can help you make a variety of quilts and we want to show you our favorites to give you lots of quilting ideas.


Start by learning how to make HST blocks (don't worry we have a tutorial), then transform those blocks into half square triangle quilts that will have you swooning. 

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collage of half square triangle quilt patterns
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  If you love classic quilts, check out this post featuring traditional quilt patterns.


Just starting into quilting or not familiar with the half square triangle (HST) quilt block, we will help you here. HST quilts are made from multiples of these blocks pieced together to make a gorgeous quilt top.
how to make a half square triangle block
How to Make a Half Square Triangle Block

You can see here what a half square triangle block looks like, a simple bringing together of two triangles into a square.  To make it less time consuming you can learn how to make 8 half square triangles at a time (my favorite method) or how to make 4 half square triangles at a time.


Using this traditional method you will be able to build upon it to make different styles of quilts. There are really so many possibilities and we will start with free tutorials here.
how to make different sizes
How to make Different Sizes by Bonjour Quilts

Scrappy half square triangle quilt patterns begin with blocks like these. Learn to make half rectangle triangles with this tutorial. Smaller blocks of varying sizes build quilts even if you only have scraps. Go ahead and utilize your scrap pile and make half-square triangle blocks of varying sizes.

8 layouts for HST quilts
8 Layouts for HST Quilts by Chicken Scratch NY

Start simple with these eight different layouts for HST quilts. The one pictured is a very simple and easy one to start with for beginner quilters. 

half square triangle tips and tricks
Half Square Triangle Tips and Tricks by The Sewing Loft

The Sewing Loft helps out with easy tips and tricks. And check out that awesome star you can create all using this same technique for blocks.

fat quarter fancy star
Fat Quarter Fancy Star by Sew Can She

Go really fancy with this fat quarter friendly quilt top. This pattern features a star in the center with lots of gorgeous arrow shapes fanning out from the center.

fancy fabulous hst quilt
Fancy Fabulous HST Quilt by Auntie Em's Crafts

I found another awesome free quilt pattern. This one features as little bit of asymmetry with an off centered square that grows with each outer layer.

half square triangle baby quilt
Half Square Triangle Baby Quilt by Polka Dot Chair

For a more centered version of the above quilt, check out this pattern. It is for a baby quilt, but could be used as a lap quilt too! And The Polka Dot Chair gives you ten other HST variations too.

half square triangle spectrum quilt
Half Square Triangle Spectrum Quilt by Diary of a Quilter

Why not make a rainbow of half-square triangles? Another great option for using scraps of all colors. This quilt takes a lot of HST's, so you'll be a pro at them when you're finished.

gray and white neutrals quilt
Gray and White Neutrals Quilt by Diary of a Quilter

Build neutral HST units, for a stunning quilt design. Gray and white look amazing, but black and white could be very lovely and contrasting too.

colorful half square triangle quilt
Colorful Half Square Triangle Quilt by Flamingo Toes

Grab bright colors for this pattern idea. I love how it creates white squares of varying sizes with the negative space between the colorful triangles. It really is a lovely half square triangle quilt layout.

scrappy posie quilt
Scrappy Posie by Bonjour Quilts

I can't get enough of this free tutorial. A flower at the center of a spectrum of colors that wow!

hst christmas quilt
HST Christmas Quilt by Swoodson Says

Use this tutorial for Christmas or other holidays, or just any everyday quilt. It utilizes larger half square triangle quilt blocks so it will come together quickly!

herringbone charm pack quilt
Herringbone Charm Pack Quilt by Very Good Threads

Grab your charm squares and make a lovely herringbone design. It is amazing all of the pretty patterns that can be created using HSTs.


I hope you enjoyed these free quilt patterns.

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In this section I am featuring half square triangle quilt patterns that you can purchase. A lot of work goes into creating quilting patterns. So let's support those talented small business owners!

kaleidoscope quilt
Kaleidoscope Quilt by Rising Star Quilt Co.

Make a variety of pinwheel blocks that mimic the images you see in a kaleidoscope. A fun way to mix and match different half square triangles.

modern half square triangle quilt
Modern Half Square Triangle Quilt by Wren Collective Quilts

Go modern with these half square triangle blocks that build together for this lovely design. The color choices are pretty awesome too.

spellbound quilt
Spellbound by On Williams Street

>Looking for more half square triangle quilt layouts? Spellbound is one you need to try. Look at how pretty that looks. It's such a simple way to feature those triangle squares.

maid modern quilt
Maid Modern by Coral and Co. Patterns

The colors and design on this HST quilt pattern are modern and chic. Mainly using neutrals with a splash of muted color, you can create this modern style quilt for use in your home.

mazie quilt pattern
Mazie Quilt by Penelope Handmade Shop

This versatile block does it again! Make a variety of shapes in this quilt by using different colors to highlight the pattern.

sail quilt pattern
Sail Quilt by Homemade Emily Jane

HST blocks are great for baby quilts too. Create simple sails in small and large sizes for a boy or girl or go for gender-neutral colors too.

triangle jitters quilt
Triangle Jitters by Suzy Quilt Patterns

This unique design plays with the colors and shapes. It definitely gives me the jitters, but in a good way.

nordic triangles quilt
Nordic Triangles by Suzy Quilt Patterns

Add a touch of a Nordic feel to your quilt with this pattern. From the layout to the colors, you can feel like you are in Norway with this one.

whirl quilt
Whirl by On Williams Street

Whirl! What a fun name for this unique pinwheel and star quilt. And we love that the stars are bright colors of the rainbow. 

catch a falling star quilt
Catch a Falling Star by Tamarinis

Catch a falling star is such a pretty design that does actually look like falling stars from the sky. Be sure to use a dark blue or black background for a starry night sky, or switch it up with a lighter color that would also look great with this design.

wooden rose quilt pattern
Wooden Rose Quilt Pattern by Modern Charm Stitchery

How awesome are these rose star designs?? This pattern is another one that really shows off how awesome half square triangles really are.

triangulous quilt
Triangulous by Pinecone Hill Quilting

There are so many good rainbow and spectrum patterns that we are featuring in this post. How about another one that really plays on the triangles!? It also would be a great Aztec style quilt too in different colors.

launch party quilt
Launch Party Quilt by Mary Go Round Quilts

We can't get enough of these versatile quilt blocks. Especially when you do a pink, black, and white color option. The black really pops right off the pink and white.

gather quilt pattern
Gather Quilt by Suzy's Quilt Patterns

Whip up lots of HST blocks to build this quilt top. After you've sewn all your HST units, build them into blocks and rows like this layout.

scrappy triangles
Scrappy Triangles by Leila Gardunia

Looking for a smaller project? Use these various scrappy triangle layouts to make the perfect mini quilt pattern. Or go big and make a bigger quilt too.



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collage of half square triangle quilt patternscollage of half square triangle quilts

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