Crafts & DIY

Looking for project inspiration? Do you like to build stuff?  Do you love making crafts? I have made a LOT of stuff over the years. Creating is so fulfilling and I love to create in many different ways.

Also check out my holiday crafts page, my sewing page, my quilting page, and my crochet page.

Craft Projects

Have a loved one who lives far away? Check out these care package ideas:
birthday binder
Birthday Binder
bookmark box
Bookmark Box
simple card
Simple Card
flower monogram letter
Monogrammed Flower Letters
marbling painting tips
Tips for Marbling
sharpie mugs
Sharpie Mugs
flower and pine cone wreath
Flower and Pine Cone Wreath
powdered sugar shaker
Powdered Sugar Shaker
recipe dividers
Recipe Dividers
ribbon bookmarks
Ribbon Bookmark
spring wreath
Spring Wreath
wood burned spoons
Wood Burned Spoons
burlap and lace mason jars
Burlap and Lace Mason Jars
upholstery tack candles
Upholstery Tack Candles
easy painted canvas bags
Easy Painted Canvas Bags
dyed pillows
Dyed Pillows
no sew fleece blanekt
No Sew Fleece Blanket
framed pin cushion
Framed Pin Cushion
hair bow
Hair Bow
framed keys
Framed Keys
kids penmanship chalkboard
Kids Penmanship Chalkboard
painted mason jars
Painted Mason Jars
twine and burlap memo board
Memo Board
pine cone flowers
Pine Cone Flowers
how to make pom poms
How to Make Pom Poms
diy scrunchies
DIY Scrunchies

sugar shaker
Sugar Shaker
twine jar
Twine Jar
lace flower
Lace Flower
chalkboard menu board
Chalkboard Menu Board
diy wooden music notes
Wooden Music Notes
easy jewelry display
Jewelry Display
stenciled canvas totes
Stenciled Canvas Tote Bags
80+ bookmark ideas
80+ Bookmark Ideas
ABC scrapbook
ABC Scrapbook
clothesline decor
Clothesline Decor
easy quiety book
Easy Quiet Book
how to make fabric flowers
Fabric Flower
measuring spoon rack diy
Measuring Spoon Rack
karate board breaking display
Karate Board Breaking Display
No-Sew Scrunchies
diy scrunchie holder
DIY Scrunchie Holder
painting shoes
Painted Shoes
wax cord bracelets
Wax Cord Bracelets
diy dog tug toys
DIY Dog Tug Toys-
laser cut wood ornament
xTool S1 Review & Project Ideas
laser cut bookmarks
Laser Cut Bookmarks
freezer paper applique
Freezer Paper Applique
Sunflower wreath
Sunflower Wreath

engraved metal jewelry
Metal Engraving with xTool

laser cut succulent magnets
Laser Cut Succulent Magnets

diy candles with laser engraved lid
DIY Candles with Laser Engraved Lid

tissue paper flowers
Tissue Paper Flowers

paper flowers
Paper Flowers

DIY Projects to Build

how to build a toy box
How to Build a Toy Box
diy jewelry organizer
DIY Jewelry Organizer
how to build a doll sink and dishwasher
How to Build a Doll Sink and Dishwasher
Karate Board Breaking Display
Karate Board Breaking Display
how to build quilting frames
How to Build Quilting Frames
diy karate belt display rack
DIY Karate Belt Display Rack
easy diy shelf over washer
Easy DIY Shelf over Washer
how to build a shelf
How to Build a Shelf
how to build a drying rack
How to Build a Drying Rack (for the Laundry Room)
how to build a bookshelf
How to Build a Bookshelf

Furniture Makeovers

chest / bench makeover
Chest / Bench Makeover
blue dresser makeover
Blue Dresser Makeover
front porch table
Front Porch Table
how to glaze cabinets with gel stain
How to Glaze Cabinets with Gel Stain
Hutch Makeover
Hutch Makeover
card catalog dresser
Card Catalog Dresser
game cabinet makeover
Game Cabinet Makeover
mini cabinet makeover
Mini Cabinet Makeover
nightstand makeover
Nightstand Makeover
Pink Dresser Makeover
Pink Dresser Makeover
furniture makeover
Furniture Makeover
Sewing Table Makeover
Sewing Table Makeover
Two Tone Dresser makeover
Two Tone Dresser Makeover

Home Tour

laundry room makeover
Laundry Room Makeover
boys bedroom
Boys Bedroom
girls bedroom
Girls Bedroom


Bead Wrapped Headband
Bead Wrapped Headband
dream catcher necklace earring set
Dream Catcher Necklace/Earring Set
tassel necklace
Tassel Necklace
fabric covered button bracelet
Fabric Covered Button Bracelet
easy hair clips
Easy Hair Clips
mother's day necklace and keychain
Mother's Day Necklace and Keychain
pearl jewelry set
Pearl Jewelry Set
wire circle earrings
Wire Circle Earrings
swarovsi jewelry set
Swarovski Jewelry Set
teardrop crystal necklace
Teardrop Crystal Necklace
3 stranded bracelet
Three Stranded Beaded Bracelet
fabric embroidered bracelet
Flower Embroidered Bracelet
barefoot jewelry
Barefoot Jewelry
beaded chain necklace
Beaded Chain Necklace
beaded hair clips
Beaded Hair Clips
blue and copper bracelet
Blue and Copper Bracelet
braided yarn friendship bracelet
Braided Yarn Friendship Bracelet
how to make charm bracelets
How to Make Charm Bracelets
flower beaded bracelet
Flower Beaded Bracelet
flower clasp necklace
Flower Clasp Necklace
heart earrings
Heart Earrings
how to make a bracelet
How to Make a Bracelet
how to make a button necklace
How to Make a Button Necklace
ivory and gold bracelet
Ivory and Gold Bracelet
how to make keychains
How to Make Keychains
heart bracelets
Heart Bracelets
heart sparkle bracelet
Heart Sparkle Bracelet
kumihimo beaded bracelet
Kumihimo Beaded Bracelet
Kumihimo Braided Bracelets
Kumihimo Braided Bracelet
Leather and Bead Bracelet
Leather and Bead Bracelet
leather braided bracelets
Leather Braided Bracelets
pearl and crystal headband
Pearl and Crystal Headband
pearl cluster earrings
Pearl Cluster Earrings
pearl cluster necklace
Pearl Cluster Necklace
plastic seed bead bracelets
Clear Seed Bead Bracelets
sapphire dangle earrings
Sapphire Dangle Earrings
twisted freshwater pearl bracelet
Twisted Freshwater Pearl Bracelet
vintage button earrings
Vintage Button Earrings
violet necklace and earring set
Violet Necklace and Earring Set
Wooden Bead Dangle Earrings
Wooden Bead Dangle Earrings
embroidery thread and seed bead bracelet
Embroidery Thread and Seed Bead Bracelet


  1. I'd like to see your ideas for 12 Days of CHRISTmas but can't find the link!!!!

    1. You can just click on the pictures on this page... or here's the link to the wire angels. All the other ideas are also linked to the bottom of that post.

  2. Love your site...I am currently home from work from spine surgery so I am a little bored...I am definitely going to make the bookmarks. I also am going to make the Easter eggs, but I am going to make them all white and add lights and hang on a hook in my spare bedroom. Thanks so much for sharing :)