Do you like to build stuff? Do you like furniture makeovers? I am a huge fan of power tools and occasionally dabble in woodworking. I like refinishing old furniture. Scroll through to see some of the projects I've tackled.

 I have more projects! See my crafts section,  seasonal/holiday section, sewing section, and crochet section.

DIY Projects to Build

how to build a toy box
How to Build a Toy Box
diy jewelry organizer
DIY Jewelry Organizer
how to build a doll sink and dishwasher
How to Build a Doll Sink and Dishwasher
Karate Board Breaking Display
Karate Board Breaking Display
how to build quilting frames
How to Build Quilting Frames
diy karate belt display rack
DIY Karate Belt Display Rack
easy diy shelf over washer
Easy DIY Shelf over Washer
how to build a shelf
How to Build a Shelf
how to build a drying rack
How to Build a Drying Rack (for the Laundry Room)
how to build a bookshelf
How to Build a Bookshelf

Furniture Makeovers

chest / bench makeover
Chest / Bench Makeover
blue dresser makeover
Blue Dresser Makeover
front porch table
Front Porch Table
how to glaze cabinets with gel stain
How to Glaze Cabinets with Gel Stain
Hutch Makeover
Hutch Makeover
card catalog dresser
Card Catalog Dresser
game cabinet makeover
Game Cabinet Makeover
mini cabinet makeover
Mini Cabinet Makeover
nightstand makeover
Nightstand Makeover
Pink Dresser Makeover
Pink Dresser Makeover
furniture makeover
Furniture Makeover
Sewing Table Makeover
Sewing Table Makeover
Two Tone Dresser makeover
Two Tone Dresser Makeover

Home Tour

laundry room makeover
Laundry Room Makeover
boys bedroom
Boys Bedroom
girls bedroom
Girls Bedroom


  1. I'd like to see your ideas for 12 Days of CHRISTmas but can't find the link!!!!

    1. You can just click on the pictures on this page... or here's the link to the wire angels. All the other ideas are also linked to the bottom of that post.

  2. Love your site...I am currently home from work from spine surgery so I am a little bored...I am definitely going to make the bookmarks. I also am going to make the Easter eggs, but I am going to make them all white and add lights and hang on a hook in my spare bedroom. Thanks so much for sharing :)